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Hamburger Harry

Harry SperlHarry is the proprietor of the world famous Hamburger Museum and the creator or the worlds only completely custom Hamburger Harley.

Simply put this true embodiment of the entrepreneurial dream takes the hamburger seriously. Now Harry would not say he is obsessed with hamburgers, far from the truth. But, Harry is a huge fan of them and all things Americana. You have to be a fan to create a completely custom bed in the form of the worlds largest cheeseburger affectionately known as the Cheeseburger Water Bed and you really need to be a fan to help keep your burger bed from getting lonely by buying it a friend in the form of another Hamburger Bed.

Truly devoted, all of these hamburgers were not enough. The Museum has thousands more, every thing you every thought could be a hamburger, and even a few things you probably did not.Harry Sperl

Harry also says more hamburgers are on the way. Such as restoring the Good Burger Mobile from the Nickelodeon movie that stared Kenan and Kel.

What is next from the mind or this mad hamburger man we have come to know as Hamburger Harry, only time will tell but one thing is for sure there will be more hamburgers.