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Kayla Kromer's Hamburger Bed

Hamburger BedHow Kayla Kromer's Hamburger Bed came to live at the Hamburger Museum is quite a tale. Kayla could give Harry a run for his money when it comes to a love of hamburgers, and this custom bed makes that clear. Like Hamburger Harry, Kayla wouldn't say that she is obsessed. But, it is hard to use another word to describe someone who did a hamburger road trip through 8 central US states.

Kayla's passion for hamburgers is shown well in this bed of her creation. The custom bed linens and custom made bed sheets really help this custom made bed frame become the hamburger it is.

Now your probably asking how come Kayla is no longer the owner of this rather unique bed. Well to make a long story short, Kayla donated the bed to a charity auction where it was sold. In the fullness of time it passed hands until eventually it came to the attention of the Museum & Harry who decides this piece needed a loving home with other hamburgers to keep it and them company.

A picture gallery of this custom bed can be found on its site.