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Harry SperlEvery time Kel Mitchell, who was also in the Kenan and Kel TV show uttered those words to caned laughter on the original All That it was hard not at least smirk in anticipation of what was sure to follow, it is any wonder they made a movie. Good Burger was a true to life translation of this show skit. But, honestly you have to wonder if the same people who worked on Wayne’s World were not the ones who made the Good Burger Mobile. This custom 1976 AMC Pacer is truly a Burger Mobile.

It is hard to miss the huge fully loaded burger that makes up the front clip with holes for the headlights. Kenan and Kel used this car in the move to help defeat the evil Dexter's burger joint called Mondo Burger, and save the town from the poison food additives that were being used.

Harry SperlSadly, the Good Burger Mobile has fallen from grace, after the movie Nickelodeon Florida had no interest in keeping the car, the International Hamburger Hall of Fame and the Hamburger Museum bought the car in a effort to save it from the scrap yard, but Daytona Beach Florida is not exactly gentle on cars. Efforts are under way to restore this piece of Nickelodeon Universe history to its original condition, and donations are being taken to help assure it has a proper restring place to make sure it won't deteriorate again. If you would like to donate to help save the The Good Burger Mobile click the donate button.